Can I Ship My Car With Household Goods Inside?

Well, it depends on various things, and there’s no straight answer to this. So to help you find out what and how you can ship stuff with your car, read this guide in detail, starting with the detailed answer to can you ship your items with the car?

Yes & No – Let’s Discuss in Detail:

The thing is, car transport service is solely made for transporting cars, nothing else. It’s a simple service designed to help people move their cars with ease and without putting extra miles on the odometer. So when we add things like household goods or other items inside the vehicle, this can result in some legal and financial complications. Let’s talk about both below:


Car transport companies are licensed to move vehicles, not the goods – whether household or commercial. So if they’re stopped for inspection at a checkpoint during the journey, this can cost them their license. Now it’s not that dramatic, like instantly getting the company shut because someone shipped their spare clothes with the car.

But still, there is a risk which most of the auto shipping companies aim to avoid. Plus, having more items in the car may call for further inspection of the vehicle, which can cause delays.

No Insurance:

Anything that’s not a part of the car will not be insured under the cargo insurance car transport companies have. So, if anything gets damaged or stolen along the way, it’s a lost cause – you won’t get compensated for it.

That being said, always remember to never send anything expensive or valuable like jewelry or documents with your car – there’s a big risk.

However, You’re Still Allowed Some Weight:

Remember we said yes & no at the start? Well, that’s because you are still allowed to ship under 100lbs of weight with your vehicle. Not all car shipping companies offer this benefit to their customers, but professional ones like Easy Auto Ship do.

Whether it’s your household goods or something else that’s legal to ship via a regular courier can be placed inside the car, and it will be delivered with it to the car’s destination point. However, just remember that your stuff is not insured, so there won’t be any compensation if anything happens to it.

That being said, remember, shipping extra weight can increase car shipping costs! This is because the cost to ship a car is calculated based on the vehicle’s dimensions, weight, total distance, and many other things.

So if the weight is increased, let’s say by 80lns, it will definitely increase the final auto shipping cost.

Some Important Considerations:

  • Do not put anything of high financial, legal or emotional value inside the car; if it gets stolen or damaged, it’s gone for good.
  • Try to conceal everything you are shipping like bags, suitcases, and boxes un cloth cover or better, secure inside the trunk
  • Keep all items you place in the car below window level, so it is not visible to outsiders. If someone cannot see anything inside, the chances of theft will go down drastically
  • Nothing illegal can be shipped, including hazardous materials, drugs, flammable items, firearms, etc.
  • Do not put anything on the drivers’ seat as it can obstruct the transporter from driving your car up and down the ramp of the hauler

Parting Words:

Remember, you’re allowed to ship anything legal and under 100lbs with your vehicle, but only a few companies offer this luxury to their customers.

If you want to ship your household goods with your car, feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to facilitate you.

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