Why Get Car Shipping To & From Canada While The Border Is Closed?

Wondering what happens to people trying to get their cars to and from Canada when borders get closed? Well if they are the wise ones, they hire car transport companies to ship the cars and travel by air.

Now you must be wondering, if the borders are closed, how a car shipping company will get it across? Well, that’s because commercial auto transport companies usually have the permission to cross the border. Read on to know more about this.

Commercial Auto Shipping Companies Are Always Permitted:

Even though the relations between the U.S and Canada are very good and the borders hardly close on each other, COVID19 has compelled everyone to take strict safety measures. This is the reason why nowadays, U.S-Canada borders are closed as well, and as long as the virus is a threat to these regions, the borders may likely stay closed.

However, car transport Canada service providers are permitted to cross the border to move vehicles from one place to another. So you still have an option to transport your vehicle even when driving it via the border by yourself is not an option. Here are a few benefits of using auto shipping Canada service providers.

  • Extreme Safety: Due to the COVID19, car shipping service providers have become extra cautious. The most well-rated service providers like Canadian Car Shipping follow all guidelines provided by CDC, so you are rest assured the car shipping process will be pretty smooth. Plus, if you get enclosed container shipping, it will be transported in a steel container that will further protect it from any physical damages.
  • Timely Deliveries: Professional auto transporters in Canada follow all SOPs and requirements for transport by the law. This helps them get fast clearance at the border and avoid getting stopped for not taking precautions. Furthermore, when the border is closed for the general public, the traffic is near zero. This means the time it takes to get across the border and then towards the public areas will come down by a lot.
  • Peace of Mind: You don’t have to constantly worry about getting stopped at the border or even getting fined for trying to cross the border when it’s not open for the public. With a car transport company on your side, this is not a problem. They are usually permitted to cross the border, so you will be at peace knowing your ride is getting into the country the right way, even when the border is closed for the general public.

Besides shipping your car via road, you can also go for air or sea shipping service if there’s a time when the border is not allowing commercial transporters to cross either.

Ship a Car & Take a Flight:

Now you know the commercial auto companies are always permitted by the law to cross the border, you can hire any well-reputed car transport company to get yours across. And even when the borders are closed for you, you can always take the flight to and from Canada and receive your car from the transport company and enjoy cruising around in your own car.

This is a perfect idea for people who want to take their cars cross-border with them but cannot do it because of the closure of borders by road. Snowbirds can also benefit from this as the COVID wave is strong during winters, so it’s likely the borders get closed; they can ship the car during this time to the U.S and travel by air to receive it in their desired city.

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